9800gtx gives monitor signal but not Evga GTX 460SE

So I've been troubleshooting this for days....

Asus M4a79 Deluxe Mobo
2x2gig Gskill 800mhz
Antec 550w (

When I plug my 460se in, the fan spins real loud and no signal to monitor. After I hear windows loading tune then shutting down the system then restarting used to work, now nothing. As if something needed to charge or heat up.

Plugging back my 9800gtx and no problems. Every time all the time.

Things I've tried..
Removing all fans and cd drive from PSU.
Reseating Ram
Reseating Video card and trying other Pcie slots.
Updating Bios.
Reinstalling (Same) Driver from one card to the other and using driver sweeper (every time).

Please shed some light on me PLEASE! Here's the kicker, I thought Id wait till the end.... The 460se works on my freinds computer :fou: :fou:

Next up! Im thinking of hooking up his PSU.
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  1. Any help would be appreciated on the problem.
    He's over my right house sucking up my gaming time!!! :fou: :fou:

    We tried plugging in my monitor into his computer. No Singal
    We put his 460 into my computer, Loaded up right away.

    I'm thinking it's the power supply, But you never know.
  2. Problem solved.

    It's the PSU.
    Plugged mine into his computer and everything loaded up.
    I'm running a 1000w in my rig.
  3. Solved
    It was in fact the psu. I've owned it for 7 years. :o
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