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XFX Radeon 7970?

Hello, I am considering purchasing

It is the cheapest 7970 I have found. What I am wondering is basically, is this a bad Idea? I know that when it comes to parts you get what you pay for. Since this is probably the cheapest 7970 out there, would I be better off going with something like this asus gtx 670? I know asus is a good reputable brand.

Which card would you opt for? My budget on a card is 400 max, but preferrably less. I am also open to other suggestions. And I am not an Nvidia or AMD fanboy, I have used both in the past and had no problems with either.

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  1. Buy it

    At new egg with a rebate its 369. But it doesn't come with games
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    I wouldn't say you are a fan boy I think that you are open to different cards and I think that is good. You are open to the best solution for you so that already kind of puts you in a different place. I think overall the 7970 is the stronger of the two cards between the 670 and the 7970 not by much but I would say in most cases it is the case. However that being said I believe that the Asus card is the stronger of the two cards cooling wise and component wise however that is really up to you what direction you want to go in. Also it looks like today may be the last day for the never settle bundle which seems to include quite a few games.
  4. The games would make it worth it honestly Far Cry 3 already a pretty pricey game and Sleeping Dogs, Hitman.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I think I will just go ahead and go with the xfx 7970, as far as cooling I am thinking about going the liquid cooling route shortly after I finish the build. So temperatures probably won't be much of an issue there.
  6. I would imagine that if your case had good airflow that it wouldn't matter much in the end the card would probably cool just fine. Are you planning on putting a waterblock on the gpu as well?
  7. Yes, my initial build will only have a cpu liquid cooler and the rest will be cooled by fans. I plan on later adding waterblock cooling to the gpu, the memory, hard drive, and motherboard, either one at a time as I get the money for components or just save up and do them all at once.
  8. well I would stick to probably CPU and GPU. I can't imagine memory performance increasing a whole lot by you water cooling it.
  9. I own the same card except the GHZ edition. The temps are nice. The card looks great and its a great price. I put the fans at 45-48% for gaming and i dont go over 66c-67c
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  11. Glad we were able to help you!. if you ever need any more help please just ask!
  12. Agreed, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask they close the threads so you can always just message someone and I'm sure most will respond to you :) And I found out the never settle bundle ends on the 31st of March.
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