Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit backup failure

As seen on my machine below, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit is loaded on the OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD. My destination for the backup is the Maxtor Diamond 60GB 7,200RPM HDD. I have used only 13GB of the drive. I defragged the drive, which is NTFS filing. I did the 16GB Win 7 backup, which is the default backup. I get the 'Backup did not complete' error....
The error code is: 0x80070002
I looked it up and it was giving me this windows update error
My windows update is running fine!! I only have language updates in the list, which are optional...
During the troubleshooting part on Microsoft's support page it asked me for my product key. It gives you two options: Microsoft can search for it.
I can enter the code manually.
Microsoft site said that they cannot find the key. So I manually entered it. Still does not like it...
...and yes, I activated the software with acceptance from Microsoft welcoming me to Windows 7.

Weeeelll? Any ideas?
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  1. Did you pirate the software? That may be the cause of the problem...
  2. No pirating here...I bought the system builders Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit pack off of web-based company that is reputable.
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