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Upgrading dual nvidia geforce gts 250

Looking to upgrade my graphic card. Am a heavy gamer playing mostly mmorpgs and intend to play elder scrolls when
it comes and Final fantasy a realm reborn i got a budget of about $600 (though if best to wait till april will have an 800 budget if matters) and am going to buy from newegg. would much appreciate any advice

area 51 x58
i7 920 CPU 2.67 GHz
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
4x4 GB G.SKill DDR3-1333
Dual NVidia Geforce GTS 250
full tower case 2.0b alienware p2 chassis
seagate 750gb 7200 rpm sata HD rev1 system

( not sure about power...has two listed) 750 watt oem atx psu and 1 kilowatt mounting bracket amtek power supply
single processor liquid cooling

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    Get a GTX 680 or hd7970 GHz since you can buy it but it is really not necessary. You have a low resolution display so to play all games at ultra you don't need such a high powered gpu. Youll be fine on a HD 7870.
    if you are upgrading to a 1080p or 1440p display or 1600p you better get the GTX 680 or HD7970. Also it will be good for you to wait as I've heard that the new generation gpu will be much better and cheaper than the current one.
  2. If you only want to play MMOs, then a 7950 is the most expensive I'd advise...

    Though I'd wait till april and buy a new CPU, as that'll make the biggest difference.
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