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Will my 2gb gtx 670 be able to run high to ultra settings on 2 screens

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  1. Your GTX 670 is enough to run a game on two screens at ultra settings.
    But why do you wanna play games on two screens? For games you need either 1, 3, or 6 screens.
    When you play the game you'll have the main or first screen displaying what you'd see if there were only one screen attached and the other screen will just be an extension to your left or the right.
  2. Thanks I want 2 then when I get a second gtx 670 i may get a 3rd
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    You never want to game on an even number of screens (except for games like some RTSes that are programmed for it). Why? The center of your view will have the bezels from your monitors. Imagine playing a shooter where the most important stuff is obscured by a huge black line in the middle. Yeah, not fun at all. A 670 will handle 2 monitors just like it will handle 3 monitors (although you may have to lower some settings in some games), but you'd still only want to play your game on one, in which case there will be no noticeable performance difference. A second monitor is still useful for your mumble window, monitoring software, web browser, etc. but you won't want to run run games on two screens -- either 1 or 3.
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  5. Thanks that definetly has me rethinking my choice.
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