What all do i need to know before replacing my Graphic card

My graphic card just recently died and i need to get a new one. besides having space and the right amount of power from my psu is there any other information i need to know? my computer has been running a NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. i have intel core duo e4600 2.40ghz processors. i would be fine with just buying the same graphic card for the purposes i i use it for if thats even possible. but back to the question is there anything else i need to know?
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  1. Well don't buy an outdated card like the 8500gt. Just get a cheap newer gen card. Other than that, not really

    Maybe this?

    its cheaper than any 8500gt i can find and way better than it. Outdated tech like the 8500gt go for a premium.
  2. Hello... what is your budget? Will your monitor connect with DVI or HDMI cable? what is the measurement from the back of your computer, over your PCIe slot, towards the front of the computer, ( maximum length that will fit ). Will a double wide card fit in your current motherboard? ( nothing plugged in next to your single slot video card ).

    the PASSmark rating of the 8500gt=146
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