Which Graphic Card I Choose

Hii Friends I Confused About Graphic card So Help me to Solve My Question

My System Configuration
Intel Pentium Dual Core - E5500 2.8 GHz
Motherboard ASUS P5G41C-M-LX
500 GB HDD
My Budget Is 200$
So please give me suggestions............
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  1. Go for the AMD HD7850 1GB graphics card. This graphics card will probably be bottlenecked by the CPU but you can lower the clock settings manually. Or you can just go with a HD7770 or a GTX 650 without any bottlenecks
  2. What is Compatible CPU For AMD HD 7850 For Build Best gaming pc without any bottleneck :bounce: :bounce:
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    Get any core 2 quad processor any one can handle the hd7850. You can get a powerful processor like core 2 quad q8400 and go with more powerful gpu like hd 7970
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