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I have a Linksys E3000 Duel Band router running on 12mbps of cable internet service. I just did an inventory of my household. I was in SHOCK!!! 20 frigging items that are setup to connect to the router.
Items are: Wireless Printer, 3 Phones, 5 Laptops, 3 Ipod Touches, 2 Ipads, Nook, Kindle, Roku video streamer, Wii, Xbox 360 and one LAN wired desktop.
I keep having issues with these in no particular order getting network error message and not working. I am rebooting the cable modem twice a day at times. Is this normal? Is there anything out there that can help me configure my router for optimal performance and security. I would like to have the roku and xbox360 (espn live video) to have the most bandwidth so there is limited to no buffering for watching the video streaming.

This router has the capability of hosting a guest network. I was thinking of having everybody use the guest network for their phones and ipod touches, will this help? or should I be able to run all these items on the secured side of my network?

Any help or direction on where I can get help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Vinnie
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  1. Try using the QoS settings to prioritize connections. Any decent router should be able to handle 20 devices unless you have too much interference from other wireless networks; use inSSIDer ( to look at other networks and change your radio channels to help avoid the other network interference.
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