Trying to see if my laptop can accept a standalone graphics card

My laptop is a Toshiba L875-S7243 with Intel 3000 integrated graphics. I'm well aware that integrated graphics cannot be changed, however, my friend's laptop has both integrated and standalone graphics cards in it. The only thing holding my laptop back right now is my graphics card and thus I ask: Can I add a stand alone graphics card to my laptop? I don't know what other information to give you, but I will give you any info you need to determine if this is feasible. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Does your friend has the same laptop?
    Open up the laptop and see if there is a free slot for graphics card.
    Laptops graphics card that are available in the market are for repairs and it is highly recommend you that you do not go for this. Also there is no guarantee that the card will work.
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