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pls i bought a dell N4050 notebook which came with graphics card intel hd 3000 plus amd radeon 7450. please i want to know if both graphics card will work together or one will have to be deactivated? please shed more light and also the switchable graphics idea. thanks
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  1. They will not work together. Your laptop does switch between them. The hd 3000 will be used for anything that doesn't use much graphics power. If you play a game or anything gpu intensive then it'll switch to the 7450m. It does this automatically. If there is an issue then you can manually switch it by right clicking your desktop and go to configure switchable graphics. There should also be an option in catalyst control center.
  2. Nope.

    The purpose of "switchable graphics" is to save power. When the graphic drivers detects there is a graphics intensive program running (like a game) it switches to the Radeon HD 7450. Otherwise the Intel HD 3000 will be used.. like when simply surfing the web.
  3. well ,if YOU WANT THE ATI , use the catalyst from the laptop ( i have the same model ) launch catalyst go to power,switchable graphics method, select the 2nd option , ( i think it will restart ) , set the pc battery to max performance , then go back to catalyst , power,switchable graphics set the
    intel to power saving , set the amd to high performance , but i wont recommend it , in my laptop it could make random shutdowns while playing games
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