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Hey everyone I'm new to the computer world but I was wondering if you guys can help me with my situation.

Earlier this evening I was installing Star Wars the old Republic cause it's free. After installing it and i launched the game and after launching it I got a black screen but I heard the movie intro running in the background.

Well I thought ok this happens sometimes cause the LCD monitor i'm using is an odd resolution 1280x768. So I tried Alt+Tabbing out of the game, and nothing, so I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del and nothing either, also tried hitting the Windows key and no luck. I still heard the intro movie running though. So I restarted my computer. It restarted fine till I after the Windows logo screen and my screen is black but I still heard the tune when it gets to the screen where you type your password.

So i read up online on my laptop and saw a few things with running safe mode and tried it. I did get picture in safe mode. I tried uninstalling and re installing the drivers for the video card and it didn't help. I also tried removing the video card and placing it back in the pci slot and nothing either. Now I do have another monitor, an old one but I tried it and it works. I'm currently using the old monitor right now and it works fine.

So can anyone help me? Also to note during pressing alt tab and such trying to exit the game my cat jumped on my desk and hit some keys on the keyboard but this was after the fact I tried alt tabbing and ctrl alt del.

Thank you for anyone that help me and the time to read this.

Also forgot to mention my graphics card is a Gigabyte GeForce GT 440
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  1. Also want to mention a friend of mine said try to hook up my monitor to a laptop to see if I get picture and I do. Which is odd, but it still doesn't work with my desktop computer. Also my older monitor is still working fine on my desktop.


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