Cant Run older games? Nvidia GTX 670

Ever since i installed my new GTX 670 i cant run any of my older games including:

- Final Fantasy 7 & 8

My old gfx card was an ati radeon 6850.

At the moment my games do not even launch. When i click on them i get the circle loading icon on the mouse for a second and then nothing.

Have tried using compatibility mode and running as admin, still nothing.
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  1. Also cant run Counter Strike 1.6
  2. first make sure you properly uninstall ATI drivers from your machine. then install the driver for 670.
  3. As far i as i can see ive already uninstalled all the old ati drivers
  4. have you tried clean install option from nvidia driver installer?
  5. just tried the clean driver install, unfortunately still no change.
  6. you can try 3rd party software solution (like driver fusion) but sometimes this third party solution create more problem than solving. there are other method to clean install your driver by manually deleting the driver leftover but i haven't personally try that yet.
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