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(Solved) PCI-E gfx card fits in bottom slot but not top

February 1, 2013 5:13:33 AM

Mobo is a 970A-G46
Card is a xfx gts 250
I'm having a similar problem to
The issue I have matches that first picture exactly, except my card will fit fine in the lower PCI-E slot. I checked the slot for blockage and dont see anything.
I suppose I can just put it in the lower slot, but then my PSU only has about 2cm of space to take in air.

Edit: I believe its the case: nzxt phantom 400
I'm just doing trial and error carefully putting my card in a vise and bending it tiny amounts

FIXED: I had to spend about 30 minutes bending the tabs but I eventually got it, the case has such narrow tolerance for them that I initially couldn't even see where they were getting stuck.