Am I bottlenecking?

First of all this is my setup;

Intel i5-3570K
G. Skill Ripjaws 2x8GB 1600 (I also have 2x4GB in there but I plan to take then out when I build a PC for my sibling)
Antec EarthWatts 650W
Rosewill Challenger (Planning to upgrade to a better case)

This was my first time building a computer.

Did I spend too much on the motherboard?
Should I have gotten a better Graphics Card?
Should I crossfire another 7850 or get a better single card and work from there? If so, what card should I be looking at?
Do I even have enough power to crossfire? Should I get a higher end PSU?

I've also been told I should be slapped for not overclocking with my CPU. However, I am still using the stock fan it came with.

What CPU cooling should I get?
Speaking of cooling, the Rosewill Challenger (although a great buy) is very small and I wish to upgrade it. Thinking of the HAF X. I guess the CPU cooling and upgrading my case goes hand in hand.

I'm open to all thoughts and knowledge. Thanks everybody. :)
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    There appears to be no bottleneck from my knowledge of these parts.

    1. Mobo is perfectly fine. Gigabyte is a well trusted brand.
    2. If you had the money, It would never of hurt.
    3. Crossfire will work well, but it will definitely come close to pushing the limits of the PSU.
    4. The CPU is unlocked and is pretty much waiting to be OC'd, however DO NOT OC until you get a 3rd party cooler.
    Any cooler is better than the stock cooler, just pick a price range and compare them. I personally use a Cooler Master V6GT.
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