Can I revive Ngage?

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I've had a new phone for a while so never used my ngage (didn't keep it
charged just left it in the box).My new phone is a nokia 6230i which
uses the same battery and I've swapped the battery over but i can't get
the ngage to work at all - it doesn't even show a charge up monitor
when I plug in the charger.Can anyone help with this at all?
Mucho thanks if you can (btw it isn't under warranty).
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  1. hi,

    i have a n-gage QD and a n-gage cellphone. both Batteries are not the same but the size of the QD is thicker than the N-gage. But i can swap the fone batteries and still work.

    Maybe for your case. Just put the n-gage battery in ur 6230i and plug the charger on. if it start charging then its good . but if it does not work the n-gage battery is dead.

    Try also swapping both batteries with both your fone. See if it charges if you recharge.
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