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EVGA GeForce GTX 680 and MSi GeForce GTX 260

I'm currently running the EVGA 680, as well as an MSi 260 from my last rig as a dedicated PhysX sans SLI. I've heard SLI with such vastly different cards will reduce performance. What I want to know, is whether this is true or not, and whether it would be beneficial to run my 260 outside of Dedicated PhysX mode. So, SLI; yes or no, 260 for PhysX only; yes or no. A little explanation would be great too, maybe help me understand what I can do in the future.
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    I say no.

    I think the 260 would be slowing down the 680.

    The 260 would be drawing the frames at a much slower rate than the 680 can, thus causing the 680 to slow itself down. resulting in lost FPS.

    If you were to run the 680 alone I believe it would be able to render everything by itself at a faster FPS since the card is incredibly powerful.

    However why not run a benchmark with the current config, and then again with just the 680. This way you will see for yourself and get a definitive answer.

    I hope it helped.

    *edit* this video will help explain what's going on here.
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  3. Thanks, I'll benchmark a few PhysX games later today!
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