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What's a good, cheap GPU slightly better than a GTS 250

My GTS 250 died on me around Christmas. First I thought about buying a 7850, that's my budget limit, but then I saw possible specs for next gen consoles and figured I'd be underpowered. So I decided to go for something half the price, about as good as what I have now and look into getting a GPU that can certainly handle next gen for a cheaper price some two years from now. God knows my Steam backlog can handle that much time.

One choice was the 7750, good value right now, but are there any others? My specs
CPU: 2 quad q8400 2.66
Mobo: Asus p5g41t-m
4gb ram
psu: a generic piece of crap that is likely responsible for my GPU failure as well as killing my previous mobo. Don't worry about this when giving recommendations, I'm going to replace my current PSU and get a good one, perhaps one that'll be good to handle a new gpu and cpu two years from now.

One more thing, where I live a 7750 costs 175 dollars, a 7850 goes for 375 dollars. Feel free to take into account US prices when giving suggestions, but don't worry too much about where I could find the parts.
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    the gt 640 is slightly worst than the 7750 but costs about $10 less (in US dollars), and the gtx 650 is a little better than the 7750 and cost $10 more.

    and dont worry about consoles. they are 8 months off at least. and there wont be any games for them that will amaze. i mean hell, they will be weaker than my current computer, which the newest part in it is 6 months old. crysis 3 graphics is all im expecting from next gen consoles.
  2. I would tell you to go with the HD 6870
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