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Hello, so my specs are intel i7-2.6k OC to 4.6GHZ,2xGTX590 SLI and asus Z68motherboard.
In your opinion what should I change in order to keep running future games in very high settings while maintaining a good Framerate performance.
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  1. dont upgrade anything and wait for next gen of video cards to come out and then it would be a good time to upgrade
  2. keep it as you are as it should still be good for a good time yet if you need to change anything in the future keep a look out for the nvidia titan gpu that's due out soon
  3. so am I good to go for now?
    Thanks btw
  4. yes nothing should cause you any problems with that set up
  5. what's wrong with what you have?

    You didn't mention any budget limitations either.
  6. Well considering that my GPU is already a little old Im was thinking to upgrade it soon, but i was curious if i should guy the GTX 6series or w8 for the next gen ones.
  7. money to burn yeah baby!
    but srsly you should upgrade once you cant get playable framerates at max settings...i tend to upgrade every second or third generation of cpus/gpus
  8. If you don't already have SSD system drives that would help, somewhat but not much difference in game. They are nice to have. In regards to the Titan cards, I wouldn't touch them. Wait for the real next gen if you plan on upgrades.
  9. allright thanks for the help, and yes i already have an SSD running :)
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