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hello i have a question i finally starting to get my first starter gaming rig together i just got the amd athlon ii x2 255 3.1ghz idk what graphics card to buy that will pair up with my cpu and i also have a 480 psu i will be playing at 720p only...thanks to all that reply... o yea my limit is $100 for a graphics card
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  1. tourist said:
    With that cpu Hd 7770

    $99.99 after rebate

  2. tourist said:
    No Problem, the cpu will hold you back a little being a dual core but the 7770 will take advantage of all it can give , even overclocked.

    does bottlenecking damage components??
  3. ThaxMessiahx said:
    does bottlenecking damage components??

  4. tourist said:
    Short answer NO. The 7770 is a good match even if you upgrade your cpu to a 4 core athlon/phenom

    ok thanks was wondering
  5. stantheman123 said:

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