In 3ds Max - does GTX vs. Quadro question re functions

Sorry for yet another Quadro/GTX question, but the info out there is confusing

In 3ds max 2013 onwards, does a GTX card (say 670 2GB) provide access to any functions not available on a Quadro 4000 ?

I'm thinking of any viewport shaders, Nitrous, MassFX etc.

I understand that the Quadro is the pro card, and delivers better viewport performance (fps), but since the Quadro 4000 is an older card, will the GTX670 provide any additional functions ?

Or do other functions like MassFX just use the CUDA cores - and require no additional hardware.

I will be doing predominantly Mental Ray renders in Max, but will also be using Revit+AutoCAD, Photoshop, so viewport performance is important. I also wish to learn iRay (possibly VRay aswell) and experiment with MassFX effects.

At present I'm biased towards the 670 with 2GB - with an upgrade path to add a Quadro once budget permits.

Many thanks.
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  1. All functions will be the available on either.
  2. thanks.

    How easy (or in fact is it possible at all) to have both a Quadro and a GTX card installed ?

    Not to run them together - I understand that is fraught with difficulties.

    But to use either one or the other exclusively from boot up?

    I suspect it will be a driver issue that would present the biggest obstacle, but interested to know whether this is possible.
  3. Simply install the cards and the drivers for each. There shouldn't be any difficulties running them together, but it's impossible to sli. Iray and vray however do not need sli but use all gpus available. The issue may be in trying to get the software to use the right one. You should just be able to move the program to the monitor the gpu is connected to, or so I've read. For games I just have to switch which monitor is primary in windows and it switches. I can't really tell you for sure since I use hd 3000 and a 560ti but for me, max, maya, photoshop and probably other software just ignores monitors and uses my 560ti even with no monitor in it. This should only be because it is igpu+discrete rather than 2 different discrete.
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