Network boots everyone when a new user tries to connect

I've got an issue with a network that kicks everyone off any time a new computer joins. The wireless router is a Linksys wrt110.

Basement Desktop: old crappy e-machine desktop running Vista, hard wired to router
First Floor Desktop: HP desktop running Vista, using netgear wg111v3 wireless adapter (USB)
2nd Floor Desktop: Mac Mini running OSX, using built-in airport card
Roaming Laptop: Gateway running Windows 7, using its built-in wireless adapter

Any time one of the wireless computers tries to connect to the network, it boots all the previously connected computers off the network. After a few minutes (seems like forever), the connections re-establish and all the computers are able to surf the net. for example: if my wife is on the first floor desktop stalking people on facebook, and I open up the laptop (waking it up from sleep mode), she loses her connection, and it takes 5-10 minutes for the laptop and the desktop to both get connected.

i've checked that all the computers' wireless adapters are set to auto acquire IPs, etc. and even gone so far as to uncheck the TCP/IPv6 protocol. I've tried setting the router to G-only mode instead of Mixed mode (since the USB wireless adapter is an 802.11g) no avail.

and before anyone says it's all the mac's fault, the problem happens when the mac isn't even on.

The router settings are to "automatic" and "default" (except when I changed to to G mode)
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  1. What are you using WEP or WPA?
  2. WPA
  3. Try to change the wireless encryption type and its algorithm (TKIP/AES) and do a check...............
  4. which of the options would be the best to check?
    WPA Personal
    WPA2 Personal <current setting>
    WPA Enterprise
    WPA2 Enterprise
  5. WPA2 Personal <current setting>
    Is the right choice.
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