Torn between Eyefinity & Surround

Hi all,

Ok so I'm building my new comp in about 8 weeks. I have picked everything I want with the exception of GC since I cant seem to find any good evidence on why I should absolutely go for Eyefinity or Suround. I do plan to be gaming eventually with 3 monitors. I will be playing mostly: Tera Online, Skyrim / Elder Scrolls Online, and would like to try Far Cry and YES.. I want the best graphics I can. I realize that Ram is only part of the factor but I do know that Skyrim is more ram demanding and with all the crazy mods I plan to add I have seen ppl say they used all of their 3gb dedicated memory. I dont think I'll need 4gb, but hey i am chick & we all have addictions:) I dont want to run out. I'm contemplating either the GTX680 4GB or the 7970 3GB.

Here's the rest of my specs and I will be overclocking

Cooler Master Haf 922
i5-3570k oc
Liquid Cool Push / Pull
8gb DDR3 1600
ASRock Z77 Extream 6
2 x 1 TB HD's

Im prefering win7 pro on new build but i dont mind win8 that much since my other 2 have it now.
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  1. 7970 is better with extreme resolutions, like that of 3 monitors.

    it is cheaper too.
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