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Radeon 7480D, Windows 8, no 1680x1050 resolution

I'm using an A4-5300 APU with Radeon 7480D built in graphics, using an LG M1994-D monitor with a max resolution of 1680x1050, although the highest resolution listed is 1280x1024. Anyway I can get 1680x1050?
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  1. Do you have a proper AMD Catalyst driver installed?
  2. Yes I do
  3. are you changing your resolution through CCC or windows settings
  4. Windows settings, what's CCC? It's my first build, sorry for being a bit nooby.
  5. AMD control catalyst center. it can be used to force settings using the amd gpu(igpu in this case) instead of the monitors limits with windows
  6. does windows detect the correct monitor model?
  7. Yes it does, I'm trying to install CCC now, I'll see if that helps
  8. if ccc wasnt installed, then were you trying to use the computer without a graphics driver? CCC is usually installed along with the current amd drivers
  9. Well I can't find it installed, I tried installing it and it says the installer integrity check has failed time and time again
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    use thge gpu driver downloads on amd, search for desktop graphics>Accelerated Processing Unit(APU)>A-series>then your OS. you should get ot the page with the 13.1 wqhl or the 13.2 beta drivers(along with CAP profiles, but those generally are for gaming) which installs the latest graphics driver, along with CCC and the other minor graphic programs amd needs to run
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  12. OK, I've installed it and although no application called catalyst control centre came up, I got this app called VISION Engine, and that's allowed me to use the 1680x1050, so thanks for all the replies guys!
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