I3-3220 + 7870 in WoW

I play wow and i currently have an i3 3220 with no graphics card currently. What i'm wondering is will there be a significant bottleneck when pairing the i3 with 7870 in wow.

-Thanks in advance
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  1. not at all they run quite well together actually
  2. bottleneck is an over exaggerated thing dont worry as long as your not using a 690
  3. there is no such thing as a cpu bottleneck for gpus if your monitor is on a 60hz refresh rate.
  4. Here is the 7870 at 1080p Ultra (expect 10-15%+ fps increase for the 7870 since this review was using drivers from 9 months ago)

    There is no i3 3220 benchmark but I would expect the i3 to perform at or below the FX8350
    even though the game is only dual threaded (AFAIK) the i3 is not comparable to the i5's performance since it won't turbo

  5. The CPU may strictly speaking bottleneck performance, but only at something like 70 or 80 FPS where it doesn't matter. Should be plenty of performance left over to stay playable in a busy raid.
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