HD 7770 Vapor-x Ghz Edition won't boot

Hi everyone i'm new on the forum and i hope you can help me cause i'm going crazy.
I've just built my new system:
CPU: AMD Phenom 965 BE TDP 125W @3.8Ghz with stock voltage COOLER: Hyper n520
RAM: Dimm Vengeance 8Gb (2x4Gb) ddr3 1600 MHz Unbuffered CL9
GPU: I'm actually using my old HD 5750 cause the HD 7770 Vapor-x Ghz Edition won't boot
SSD: Solid State Drive 120 GB Serie Force GT 2,5" Interfaccia Sata III 6 Gb / s
HDD: Kingston 250 gb @ 10000rpm (don't remember the model :D)
CASE: Gladiator 600 Middle Tower Nero
SYSTEM FANS: 3 Akasa ultra quiet series 140mm + other 2 Cooler Master fans 120mm with blu led
PSU: Atx 600w UPTOWN UP-PSU600-OR (ATX2000 SERIES, ATX standard ATX V 1.3, 1x20+4PIN MB, 1x4+4 pin 12V, 2xSATA, 3xAPTA, +3,3V 20 A, +5 V 30 A, +12 V 30 A, +5 Vsb 2 A, Efficiency 70%, Certifications CE / FCC /RoHS.)

After have installed the HD 7770 Vapor-x Ghz Edition and connect the 6-pin on the card, i push the power on button and the 2 fan's led lights up for less than a second and all fans in the system start and stop immediately. The entire system won't boot. If i push the button again nothing happen. Everything seems to be dead. So i tried to remove the 6 pin cable from the hd7770 and the system start but immediately a sound from the MB speaker (1 long,2 short) announces the graphic hardware error.
Now i'm using an hd5750 and everything seems to work properly without any kind of issue (it means the PCI-E bus is ok).
I tried to use 2 PSU togheter one 600w and a 550w: the 600w for the system 24pin,4+4pin and other components SSD,HDD,etc. and the 550w only for the 6 pin of the graphic card and.......surprise!!!! When i try to turn on the 550w without the 6 pin cable connected it turns on when i connect the 6 pin on the card it doesn't. There seems to be a short circuit on the 6 pin connector of the card or any other kind of problem.
I'm thinking there's a problem with the HD7770 for some damaged circuit or with no brand PSU that i have, but it has 30A on the 12v it means 360w. The system requirements for single card system is a 450w or better PSU with one 75w 6-pin PCI-Epress.
Do you have any idea what else could be the problem?

Thanks for your time and sorry for the bad english :D
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  1. It really looks like a defective power supply. Your UPTOWN UP-PSU600-OR is likely inadequate to meet your needs. Replace it with a quality brand like Seasonic or Corsair.
  2. Ok thank you for your time and for your advice :D I think i'm going to take a Corsair cx600 that has 46A on 12v line and is 80 plus Bronze.
    Do you think it's going to be ok?
  3. That Corsair is a good choice! Have fun!!
  4. Ok :) sorry just another one question i was reading that the XFX PRO 550W Core EditionATX is better than the cx600 because it has a more powerful 12v rail. Can this improve and get more stability to my hd 7770 that is stock overclocked?
  5. Both of those models are more than enough for the HD7770. You can't go wrong with either of them. Go for the better bargain.
  6. Perfect :D thank you. Hope everything is going to be ok with the new PSU. I'll post results and if the problem is solved as soon as possible
  7. Good luck!
  8. Finally arrived :D i installed my new Antec 620 Watt Continuous High Current Gamer ATX 12V and when i try to boot the system same story :(
    I sent back my graphic card to the tech support :D News as soon as i can
    Thank you for your support
  9. im so sorry for revive this thread...

    but if you have the same issue you could try with the multimeter, if you have basic knowedge in electronics, you could check the pci conector of the psu and the pci of the gpu, there are two posibilities in my experience:
    1.- a short circuit in the conector of the gpu, a manufacture issue, if your lucky it can blow the card
    2.- if you have a no branded psu and it has no quality standards of your country, you could eassily conect in the wrong way the PCI, that will blow your card, is rare that the pci conector of the psu generates the shorcircuit (it wont even turn on), if the psu cant supply that amount of energy the computer just turns off and the psu capacitors blows...
    so it only could be a manufacturing issue or a human issue ;) (the psu is ok cose it could handdle the 5750)

    so i say: WTF happends to you guys to recommend a new PSU when he doesnt need it?? you think all the problems in life just desapears while buying new stuff??... pathetic
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