M17x r2 bad vBIOS flash, use GT560m?

I just got the m17x r2, and it has CF 5870, and was working perfectly. I wanted to do some OC with them and tried to flash the MSI vBIOS. Everything seemed to be working fine as I got no errors, but was stupid enough to do it to both cards.

Did a restart and now the screen is blank. I tried to do a blind flash, but I don't think the laptop is booting into DOS from my USB...

I had been checking out this thread (as I am having the exact same symptoms), but it doesn't ever give a final solution: http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-m17x/575707-help-r2-5870m-blind-flashing.html

I have the original vBIOS' on a USB and a desktop. I have been calling several repair shops, but none are capable or willing to do it.

My only other solution is that my dad just bought a m14x r2 with a 2GB GT650m... Would I be able to put this one in my primary slot and then reflash my 5870 (one-by-one) back to the original vBIOS? If so, how do I know which slot is the primary slot and the slave slot?

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  1. I was thinking, would I be able to use a USB to HDMI adapter and get the screen to automatically output to an external monitor? Then I could flash them both back without attempting another unsuccessful blind flash...
  2. If it is possible on that model to boot from the intel HD graphics that I presume is present on the CPU....

    Other than that your best bet is to find someone with the same model laptop and replace one at a time flashing the original bios onto one each time.
  3. Unfortunately there's no integrated graphics...

    I would like to find someone with the same laptop, but I also go overseas for a long time next week.
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