Hi I set up my sister Belkin router for her two computers, but the network that came up to shoose from was a PALS Network which was not what she had before, she was connected to an area local broadband network. Anyway we are trying to figure out what this PALS network is, can anyone help us.
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  1. Your description was not pretty clear so I had difficulty understanding it. As far as it reveals, this PALS network could be your neighbor's network. As you have a router, after setting it up physically, login to the router's page and then change the name of your SSID and encrypt your wireless network.

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  2. Thank You
  3. You are welcome.
  4. Maybe I can explain it a little better. I had to rest the Belkin router with the pin number from the bottom of router, so I did this and then it recognized the router, I clicked on it and I think two netwoeks came up and I choose the Pals Network, which seems like no one knows what that is really. Before when she had it set up, they had to put in a username and passwod to get their local broadband network. Is it possible just to reset it again, I am thinking I might have clicked on the wrong network. I saw somewhere where you can put the Belkin IP in and reset it that way. Does this make any since.
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