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Hi everyone. I must make a serious question, shall i buy a gtx 660 ti or gtx 660?. The problem is this: i bought my gtx 560 ti some months ago, however i believe it wont perform well in the upcoming gmaes. I have received many offers for my gtx 560 ti, they will pay me as much as i paid for it (if i choose to sell it). Paying 50 dollars for a better graphics card is not too much, thats what i consider. So, shall i sell it and buy a better graphics card or shall i keep it?
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  1. I would say if you can sell it do it. A GTX660Ti is a good option to go with what is the extent of how far you would go? I went from 2x 560ti's sold them and got a 670 for not much more then what I sold them for.
  2. i think that a single 660 ti is ok because i just want to play games on max settings and also i want to have a graphics card that will last long. Although, if the gtx 670 got water cooling options, then, i would go for it
  3. Well cards in general will have water cooling options its just a matter of purchasing a waterblock for your particular card. I would say if you are going for max settings the 670 is probably more of your bread and butter with Nvidia. You would probably have to do research on cards that you could watercool. For example this guy purchased the same card I have the Gigabyte 670oc windforce 3 and he ended up purchasing a gtx680 waterblock because the pcb is a 680's
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