Trouble Connecting PC to TV with hdmi

I am having trouble connecting my tv to my computer. I have a basic hdmi cable. The cable works to connect my laptop to my tv, but not my desktop. My desktop has an hdmi output. When I connect it to my tv, my tv recognizes that the hdmi cable is connected to something, but it is not receiving a single. My computer doesn't show my tv has anther monitor option in my display control.
I have windows vista 64 bit on a Dell studio.
Any advice?
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  1. Try turning off the desktop, plugging in the cables and rebooting. Depending upon the video card installed, some require the device to be plugged in and powered on prior to booting up. Also, make sure the TV is tuned to the HDMI port of the computer prior to booting up.
  2. Thanks for your response.
    I tried to rebooting it again just now, but my computer is still not recognizing that my tv is connected to it. =o(
  3. check to see if the hdmi port is part of the gpu or the onboard video port. if it part of the onboard video port and you have a gpu installed you may have to go into the bios and turn on the ipgpu.if it part of the gpu you may have to turn on muilt monitor in the video card control pannel and make a monitor 2 and tell it the device that connected to it.
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