GTX 660TI PE noises

Hey guys,

Recently got the MSI 660TI PE and it was making peculiar noises. So I RMA'ed it.

The guy testing it said he could reproduce the noise so he said try it again then if it makes the noises ring our Tech support.

So i got the GFX back and sure enough I had the noise, i rang Tech support and he said i cant really tell from here, as I was trying to show him down the phone he couldn't hear anything about fan noise. - he then said to stress it for a week or so and see what happens, which i am doing

Now, the noise I'm getting is a kind of scraping grinding noise and only happens when the GFX is under load, I've tried fiddling with game settings and the noise still happens but when I was on Farcry 3 I looked at the ground and the noise stopped, I then looked upwards towards the sky and the noise started again.

I know its not the fans on the GFX as I've tried stopping the fans manually and the noise still happens.

It could possibly be the PSU but I'm not sure, then again nothing else is crashing and the PSU should be more than adequate for the card, the PSU is a "OcUK Battle 750W Dual Rail High Efficiency Modular '80 Plus' Power Supply [CA-037-OP]" from

So my question is - What is this noise I'm getting and is the noise fine? Does it mean that its going to blow up in my face imminently?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text
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  1. Hmm is it a whine type sound like this?

  2. bigshootr8 said:
    Hmm is it a whine type sound like this?

    No im afraid not, it almost sounds like something like a cable is touching the fan causing it to make a flapping noise, but its not the fans
  3. Hmm, odd have you spent time with the side panel off and trying to narrow it down?
  4. bigshootr8 said:
    Hmm, odd have you spent time with the side panel off and trying to narrow it down?

    Yeah I've had a look around and its defiantly the graphics card, I cant really provide any more information as its an unrecordable noise as my mic doesnt pick it up over the fan noise
  5. Hmm that is very odd. I'm trying to think what else It could be. The only moving part is the fan and the wire the fan goes to the fan connector. Do you have msi afterburner? Maybe try and ramp up the fan speed and see if the sound intensifies.
  6. check inside the case for any wire that could fall or sucked into the cpu fan or any of the case fans. check the case fans see if any of them are crushed down into the case. one trick is to unplug the case fans and leave the side open and see if it the cpu or ps. the cpu if your care full you can stop it for a few sec and see if the noise stops.
  7. Yeah sounds almost like when you blow out through your mouth with your tongue in the way.. a vibrating noise.

    I've tried holding the graphics card and all sorts so I don't think anything is actually vibrating
  8. And there is no way of securing it tighter. Don't screw so tight it cracks the board.

    hmm maybe something you could try placing your computer on is side and seeing if it persists.
  9. Will try these but im almost certain its the GPU making the noise not any of the fans
  10. process of elimination man! I'm getting there frustration wise over your issue :P
  11. if it not a fan..check your cd-rom drive...could be a bad drive or when the drive spins it makes the case hum...same for the hard drive. also gogole failing hard drive sounds see if any of them match your sound. on other thing try turning off your speakers or unplugging them...could be cross talk from the speakers or sound card...good old cell phone or wireless phone noise over speakers.
  12. its defiantly the graphics card. nothing else
  13. When changing settings on the MSI Kombustor stress test it comes up with different noises, from a louder scratching noise to a whining noise like capacitor whine dependin on the settings
  14. Yea I'm really going with coil whine. That is the only other thing I can think of that would stir that. The video i shared earlier doesn't illustrate the same as this one. And if it is coil whine I will tell you that a lot of manufactures wont take it back.

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