Help! White lines appearing on display.

Hi guys, just recently finished building a new rig. For up to a week it's been working great but tonight a problem has appeared and its driving me mad!

I'm getting these small white lines that come across horizontally, it's noticible when looking at text but it can be seen on the edges of images also. The amount of white lines visable changes in intensity at random times.

The lines appear in my BIOS, during boot and in windows.

I initially thought it was a graphics card issue so started troubleshooting by reinstalled the latest graphics card drivers. This made no change so I removed the GTX 670 which was installed and fitted a spare GTX 650 I had lying around.

Again the white lines remained even after switching graphics cards. So I swapped back to the 670 and thought that maybe it wàs a mobo issue so I re-flashed the system to the latest bios and set everything to default settings.

Again this didn't help and the white lines still are visible.

The weird thing is, I took a screen capture when the lines got really bad and saved the images. After checking the screenshots later on my iPad, the image look fine! There's no white lines visible at all.

So maybe it is the display I'm using itself rather than the system? I'm using a LCD.

Any advice would really be appreciated.

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  1. You're going about this process the right way.

    It sounds like a hardware issue. Display, motherboard, processor (doubt it), or a connection component. Can you try connecting to a different display? Also, try a different display cable.

    You've ruled out the graphics card and, if you're seeing lines in BIOS, it's not a driver/software problem.
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