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Need advice on a graphics card upgrade

I have a question. I have a budget of 130 dollars, and I need to know whether the evga superclocked gtx 650 is better, or if the xfx radeon hd 7770 core edition is better for that money. I also need to know, if my psu will support the graphics card upgrade. Here are the specs on my PSU:

Diablotek 450w PSU Model number: PSDA45OA

+5v: 20 amps
+3.3v: 20 amps
+12v: 30 amps
-12v: 0.5 amps
+5VSB: 2.0 amps

I am currently running a radeon hd 6670 in here, which is rated at I think it was 65 watts power usage? Anyways can you help me?
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  1. Quick there any performance difference between the 650 and the 7770? like is it a huge performance difference? I play games like world of warcraft, skyrim, torchlight 2, battlefield 3 etc. right now.

    Oh...and i'm playing at 1920x1080, but I also have another monitor that I can switch to that is 1440x900...

    If I get the gtx 650 i would get this card:

    Oh and if I go with the 650 ti would my psu still be fine?
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    The mentioned cards are in this order by performance, 650ti > 7770 > 650.

    Diablotek PSUs are not good. It provides enough power to run any of these cards, but the question is, is it up to the task of running for long term. I wouldn't trust it. Dirty power should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Agreed on the power supply comment. The power supply is of poor quality. Newegg has a tiered list of power supplies. And diablotek is in the tier 5 category

    The 7770 is indeed the stronger card as stick points out. Also, seems to be the better value card at that price point until you go a little higher and the 650Ti comes into play.
  4. Well its been running my radeon hd 6670 just fine for a while now so yeah...but I guess I will get the 650 ti and upgrade my power supply not to long after.
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  6. Probably a wise decision happy gaming :)
  7. Diablotek sells PSU-shaped objects, that should NEVER be attached to computer components if there is any chance they will be connected to an AC power source at the same time.
    Stickg1 is correct about the order of strength of those graphics cards. Unfortunately, I'm not sure ANY of them (with the possible exception of the Asus GTX650, which needs no auxiliary power) can run safely on that Diablotek.
    Get an Antec VP-450 for $39, then you'll be able to run any of them. There's a $115 HD7770 right now that is a great deal: (with a $15 MIR too, if you play that game and win).
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