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Not getting fps that I should?

I recently got a Sapphire 7950 with Boost and everything seems to be working fine, I've overclocked it to 1100/1425 as well. I just started Crysis 2 and I'm only getting like 45 - 55 fps at 1680x1050 with the settings maxed out. i feel like it should be doing much better than this. what could be going on?
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  1. that sound a little low not too much crysis is a really hard game to run you should be getting like 60 do you have the newest driver
  2. with a lga2011 + I73960 + 7950oc tom's got a few fps better it seem right.

  3. Do you have FXAA turned on in the control panel or v-sync on? Those would affect the score a bit.
  4. What drivers are you running
  5. 13.2 driver. I did have vsync on, just read that could damper performance. And I didnt touch and AA settings. I'm not really a wealth of knowledge when it comes to AA and Vsync and all that stuff. I was just worried that one of my PCI power connectors wasnt working and the card wasn't getting enough power. I did see that chart above but figured I should be seeing better performance being clocked at 1100/1425.
    Thanks alot for the help! If anyone could give me some info in when I should apply Vsync or AA (I know AA is more for lower resolutions, i could probably benifit from it on this monitor at 1680x1050?, upgrading soon)
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    V-sync makes your video card to sync up with your monitors refresh rate. The monitor refreshes 60 times per second on most monitors. If your frame is not finished being rendered when the refresh starts, the video card has to wait until the monitor is finished updating the screen.

    It is used to prevent having two partial frames from being displayed at once, resulting in tearing. You'll find most people prefer to keep v-sync off unless you can achieve higher FPS than your refresh rate. Nvidia's Adaptive V-sync does this automatically, but mostly, people have to choose to use it on high FPS games, and turn it off otherwise. I also find with a 120hz monitor, that I can just leave it on, as missing a refresh period isn't has big of a hindrance, when the monitor refreshes twice as fast.
  7. yeah I was just playing Devil May Cry and getting 125-160, turned vsync on and its stuck at 60 now. Thx!
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