EVGA 660 TI sc need help?

Hello. Some days ago i bought an evga 660 TI superclocked and i'm a litle worry i have never had a graphic card so hot i'm playing Aion mmorpg and i set the fan to manual to +70% and i even get temperatures of 70ºC to 78º while i'm playing and 38º to 45º while idle. My room temperatures now in winter is about 24º to 27º Can someone please tell me if those temperatures are fine becouse i'm thinking to send it back where i bought it. I think in summer this card can reach +85º.
It is running as defult setting on OC.
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  1. bishopi5 said:
    absolutely normal. All nvidia 6xx series run at like 80c under load. Especially clocked up. Play with your fan control till you get it reaching 77-80 max. Thats what i did with my 680 which i OC to 1300/1450 on AIR. Your fine mate, Card is ment to run that hot and no damage is being done. Enjoy it !

    Oh really? why are my 660Ti's sitting at 73c @99% load then? And they are OC'd as well, I think that not only is your grammar terrible but you also don't know what you are talking about.
  2. I will send it back where i bought it and take the money back and maybe buy a MSI power edition or any other with better cooling. i can deal with the noise becouse GPU fan is set to 80% now,(+3000 RPM) but 70º 75º C in winter is too hot and my room looks like a grill. My room temperature in summer can be 33 to 38º becouse i life in a very warm area.
  3. I was worried that my 660 was running hot until I read some threads out here. I don't push past 56c at 50% fan.

    Using 660ti SC 3GB, AMD Phenom II x4 (oc'd about 14%), 8GB Corsair Vengeance (oc 1600 ish), corsair professional gold 850.
    Also that was in a case from 2001 with a single small case fan, also from 2001. I just switched to a big box with a bunch of fans and I haven't seen it go over 45.

    Thanks for putting me at ease. RMA that card.
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