Best Graphics Card for $220

Alright, I need a GFX card and my MAX budget is going to be $220. What is the best card that is within this price range? Thanks
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  1. Also, I need it for gaming. (Crysis 3, Far Cry 3 etc)
  2. A 660 GTX is a good option :

    Just make sure you have a decent psu with 400-450W.
  3. I have a 600W power supply. Do you think I should go with the EVGA version instead of the Zotac?
  4. Yes, you could do that, both are good ones.
    Also if it's a psu is from a decent brand with 600W it will do even for two 660 gtx.
  5. It is a Corsair. Look at my current GPU and tell me what you think I should do about upgrading it.

    Full system specs:
    CPU: AMD FX 6100 at 3.3 GhZ
    RAM: 8GB of G-Skill RipjawsX
    Current GPU: Asus HdRadeon 7770 2GB
    PSU: 600W Corsair
  6. Yes, the 660 gtx is much better than a 7770, it's a good upgrade.
    The FX-6100 doesn't bottleneck the card.
    The psu is fine.
  7. Thanks. I mean I can almost run Crysis 3's beta at max settings with my current 7770. I'm just worried that within a year my current card my be far behind technology.

    7870xt close to 7950 performance and levels a 660ti.

    best bang for bucks card atm.

    18$ more but worth it.
  9. What's your monitor resolution ?
  10. 1280 x960. Not a very good monitor. But I may use my TV which is 720p.
  11. lol, then just stay with your current card, save for a new monitor and the newer generation card that might come this year from both sides.
    A 660 gtx is overkill for that resolution, a 7770 is fine.
  12. well best bang for bucks is the 7870xt, the 660gtx is nice but its still 210ish, for 20$ or so more u can get something more powerful, up to op tho.

    7770 will get pwned by crysis3 high details.
  13. Very true. Have you heard the rumors about the 8000 series getting released this year?
  14. yeah but might be a few months until they come out, they will be nicely price priced, but if u cant wait the 7870xt is great for the price.
  15. iceclock, I know personally it doesn't get pwned in Crysis 3 high details, I've played the beta and I can almost do it. There's some lag but not a lot. Believe it or not, the 7770 isn't as bad as everybody says it is.
  16. AnakinGuy12 said:
    Very true. Have you heard the rumors about the 8000 series getting released this year?

    Somewhere around this year, that's for sure, there's plenty of speculation, but it's gonna be released this year either the amd or nvidia new series.
  17. I heard the AMD series would be around August and the Nvidia would be around November. It's just a rumor though. I'm curious to see if any of the AMD series cards will out preform the GTX 690 lol
  18. lol, a 7770 cant run crysis2 on max, obviously its not maxedout.,19509.html

    true dat bro.
  19. I'm not arguing over a forum. Those requirements are recommended not mandatory. I just played the game. When I play on Very High, I get some lag but its not terrible. (Very High for Crysis is the highest settings). I'm running it at High with no lag at all. I wouldn't lie to you about it.
  20. who said anything about arguing. anyways, if u want better performance ull need to upgrade ur videocard. and the 7870xt is the best bet for u.
  21. I've seen discussions go to arguments quick on here, and I know you have to hahaha. But I will upgrade to a 7870 eventually. I may try to wait until the 8000 series comes out if they aren't unreasonably priced. Obviously it won't be cheap but I'm not about more than $300 no matter how good it is. Do you see anything else I should add to optimize my performance?
  22. well tell u what if u can wait, the 8050s and 8070s will be cheaper and as fast as the current mid-range and so graphiccards.

    so if u can wait id recommand it , if not the 7870xt 2gb is perfect for u.

    240$ for the 7870xt is great tbh.

    or a gtx 660ti for 250 ish.
  23. Also, you have to think, once the new series of cards launch, that will drive the previous series down a lot. I would be a generation behind but I could possibly get a GTX 670 for 250 or so. But if they are so much better it would be worth it, I would get the new series.
  24. how much better is to wait and see, but i can tell u prices might go down a bit, i guess whenever u have the money than u can make the best decision not until than :P
  25. Thanks a lot. I will wait until the new series launches to see what I'm going to do, as I said before, my current card is cutting the mustard for now.
  26. Save for a 1080p monitor(a good one about ~150$) and a card when you have the money for it too, then you'll take the advantage of the mid-end/high-end cards.
    Also you might want to save for the new intel cpus that are coming in june, the haswell ones.
  27. as long as ur happy thats what counts, im graphic and fps hungry so i couldnt stand a 7700 but each knows there needs :)
  28. There's a lot to consider buying. The monitor will probably wait, and I'll probably wait on the GFX card for awhile. (Until the new ones come out). My monitor isn't very good anyway, so a really high end GPU wouldn't really be necessary. But I can understand getting a new CPU. Any rumors about pricing on those yet?
  29. I just read about the new series of chips Intel is coming out with, I would probably go with the old chips they have. The new chips are designed to be less powerful but use less energy (about 17W at max load). Intel has said that this aren't geared for gamers, they are geared to be used on Ultrabooks, and home and office pc's.
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