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Radeon 4830 vs Radeon 7770


I currently have a Radeon HD 4830. I use it on a SyncMaster 941BW that's max resolution is 1440 x 900.

Is the upgrade to a Radeon 7770 worth it? The only games I play are WoW (which runs at about 60-70 fps) and Diablo 3 (which I haven't played in a while).

Also any recommendations on brands to buy from (XFX, Gigabyte)?

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    Hi. You don't have to upgrade (yet) if the HD 4830 is still good enough for your needs. The HD 7770 is a good choice if you want to upgrade. Any brand is fine although I recommend going with one of the least expensive card since the next best card, the GTX 650 Ti, costs only a little more. It is also a good choice especially if you can get it at a price similar to the cheapest HD 7770 since the next best card, the HD 7850, costs only a little more than it.
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  3. Hi Johnsonjohnson. Appreciate the insight. Trying hard not to go overboard doing the "and for $10 more I can get...." :)
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