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old Maxtor drive won't work, computer freezes

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March 11, 2002 3:00:31 PM

i have a 7200 rpm ata66 30GB maxtor drive (i think its a Draco II if that matters any), and when I have it plugged in it works fine, gets recognized and everything, but whenever i try to do anything, like when the drive is reading or writing, ten seconds afterwards the whole system freezes. I am running out of space on my main hard drive and desperately need to get this working. Please help.

my mobo is a a7v133, i have my main hard drive on the ATA100 channels, then my CDROMS and stuff on the 1st regular IDE channel, and the other hard drive on the 2nd IDE channel.

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March 11, 2002 4:27:41 PM

recheck jumpers???
will fdisk run???
is it formated ie fat32????

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March 12, 2002 2:38:25 AM

all of that. it used to have bad sectors but i fixed them. hell it still has two year old files on it.....

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March 12, 2002 3:07:02 AM

it used to have bad sectors but i fixed them.

How? have ou tried it on the primary channel? Try unplugging your cd-rom devices and give that a go, also, download Maxblaster and run a diagnostic. Good thing about maxtor is the have incredible support, YOu should still be able to return it if it produces an error on the diagnostic.

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March 12, 2002 3:49:45 AM

Welcome to the club, my 40 gig seagate just died about 3 minutes ago. Same motherboard, but I know the motherboard also scrap (got it replaced twice already, but they only send rebuilt ones back).

Try the drive in another computer and see, it could be just the chipset on the motherboard gone under (like mine every time). I'm sending my a7v133 back tomorrow, in 3 weeks they send me another rebuilt one which might last over 5 minutes. :) 

By the way, since when does the seagate drive have beep codes? It beep 2 short and 1 long, and then 4 short (no it's not the speaker in the case). God knows what's that, after that everything freeze and at reboot I can't see both my hard drives. Removed seagate and now everything back to normal.

Feel like throwing the motherboard and getting an abit or something, but still have an extra 2 years warranty on the damn thing. The seagate got no warranty at all even though it was built last july, it was part of a compaq system so I guess compaq would be the one replacing it. But the system wasn't mine so I got no warranty. bummer

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