Compare ati radeon 5450 to nvidia geforce gt 630

I currently have the ATI Radeon 5450 graphics card on my comp, but I've been having issues with graphics when playing my Sims 2 game. So I've purchased the nvidia Geforce GT 630 in hopes of boosting my graphics.
Which is better? And will I be able to switch them out w/o too much difficulties?

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  1. The 630 gt is better, the 630 gt doesn't require auxiliary power, you just need to plug in the pcie slot.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply!!!

    I'm a newbie, do I need to remove the radeon somehow? I haven't opened my pc yet (obviously! ;) )
    What do I need to do/know?

  3. all you need to do is download an amd drive sweeper and boot into safe mode and remove the amd drivers for the vidoe card first.then power off and unplug the pc from the wall...wait 3-5 min to let the mb drain of power. make sure on the card swap your not standing on carpet or have clothing on that make socks...petting your cat. you need a screw driver on some cases to remove the screw holding the card to the case. all new mb have a video card locking latch that has to be pressed in to unlock the video card..if not you snap the card or the mb pci slot.
    then line up the new card and press down on the hear a slight click when it locks in. the card and the pci slot cover should be flush as the old card was. put the screw back in and power the pc with the side case off. make sure you see a post screen and the gpu fan is moving fine. go into windows and let it load default drivers for the new video card. power down and put the side panel back on if everything is fine. if there extra video power cables if you dont have plastic tye wrap the try and tuck the extra cable where they cant be sucked into the fans.
  4. Thank you sooo much for all your help!

    But I'm really scared! What if I remove my current drivers only to find out the new video card won't work with my system? Will I be able to get the original drivers back?
  5. Yes, it will work.
  6. Simply download and install Driver Sweeper:

    Run the program and let it do it's magic.

    Shut down the PC.

    Disconnect the video cable from the Radeon HD 5450 and gently pull out the card. Check to see if there is a latch or something that is locking the graphics card in place be pulling it out though. Typically there isn't one, but just check.

    Install the new card and connect the video cable.

    Turn on the PC and log into Windows.

    Windows should detect the new hardware and prompt you if you want to install drivers for it. Insert the CD / DVD that came with your graphics card into the DVD drive and choose to install from the CD / DVD.
  7. Next time if you are unsure about some piece of hardware you should ask questions first before making any purchase.

    If the GT 630 was in fact slower than the Radeon HD 5450 then people here would have told you to return it. That wastes your money (you need to pay return shipping and a 15% restocking fee) and it wastes your time because you would need to order another card and wait for it to come.
  8. Thank you all for your help!

    @jaguarskx...I purchased the video card at a local Best Buy. No shipping and handling, etc. :D And I did ask questions of their geek squad, but they weren't overtly helpful! It didn't help that I really don't know much about computers! < sheepish > And I didn't know that my PC has a radeon card.
    My regular tech guy has moved outta town, so I'm trying to wing it on my own! ;)
    If you don't want to answer questions, regardless of how stupid they are, you shouldn't have an open forum! But I do appreciate all the help! Now, to 'bite the bullet', so-to-speak!

    Thanks again for all your help!
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