My computer is infected can a clean install fix

Hello, my computer has become infected with a virus and now my OS will not boot. The computer boots then proceeds to a black screen with what looks like a blinking cursor. I wouldn't mind doing a clean install but I do not have the Win7 disks. I do have my OEM product key though. Please help.
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  1. There is no free way to obtain a disc that doesn't involve piracy. Which because of forum rules we cannot help you with. To answer your other question doing a clean install will fix everything, but you will lose all of your files and data in the process. Best of Luck
  2. You can use the Win7 disk from a friend, then validate it with your OEM product key.
  3. Thanks for the timely input guys... Will try to use my OEM key for a clean install, but if all else fails gonna have to shell out for a new version... Thanks again
  4. If your computer is a laptop you can order a recovery DVD from them with the OS to re-install. Back up your data to another computer or drive using a usb to sata cable. If you have a friend with a similar laptop then you may create a recovery DVD with his OS and use it to re-install your OS. Only works with a very similar brand of laptop like Dell or HP.
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