New 7870 Tahiti LE won't boot

Hello everyone.

I just bought a 7870 powercolor tahiti LE and my system won't boot
my old 6670 works fine with this setup (but it doesnt require pcie connections)

my specs:
3570k cpu
ga-z77-d3h mobo
antec 650ea green PSU
1dvd drive

gpu im trying to get to work: powercolor7870 tahiti LE
when i plug in the pcie my computer wont boot the fans turn on but nothing happens
is it my psu or the gpu?

should i return the gpu/get a new psu? i can't test it on someone elses system until next week
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  1. that psu has 3 rails, might not have enough amps on it. or it could be a bad card.
  2. sorry the order mattered it was EA-650 Green it has 2 rails
    i thought it would be enough though

    thx, guess i just have to wait till i can test on another rig/psu
  3. that is plenty of power. you have plugged in the extra power connectors to the card right? Try re-seating the card in the slot and resetting the bios. The 6670 works so the motherboard is ok. If none of that works, return the card its probably faulty. If you did have another PC to test on that would also confirm this.
  4. I've tried reseating it multiple times and I've also reset my bios to factory settings. It still won't boot up the computer fully. It seems to me like some sort of power issue because when I plug in the pci-e all fans turn on but nothing else gets power (my keyboard lights up if the computer can boot). Unplugging 1 pci-e lets it boot fully, but it uses the integrated gpu instead. Could the 7870 be defective in that it's got some poor power management issues or could it be that my pci-e psu cables are inefficient/broken or something?
  5. I did a few more tests today.

    I reset the CMOS of my MOBO by taking out the battery, still didn't work, same symptoms.

    I tried putting it into the other PCI (x4 I believe) slot, the computer turned itself off after a few seconds (Same situation as the other PCI slot, except it actually turns itself off)

    I tried plugging in both PCI-E PSU Power slots without plugging the GPU into the pci slot, this let the computer fully boot up normally (but then obviously no GPU).

    A couple of times I reseated it back into the pci3.0 slot, the computer turned itself off just like the PCIx4 slot after I put it in there, then it went back to how it was before. (Where it turns on but doesn't boot, but without the auto turn off)
  6. faulty card, send it back.
  7. Updating the bios seemed to work, maybe my old version was just too old for the card? (Went from F10 to F18)
  8. After having been in contact with Powercolor, they report that Bios versions before Oct 2010 won't work.
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