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I have setup a Server to company I work and it works perfectly ...
Someone one day that I was away tried to change the power unit of the server and burned the two discs I made them dynamic. I use the back up which have made and everything going normal again. The problem is that it took 16 hours. Is there any way as I have a new pc available to automatically reserve once a week a back up - restore to other pc that in case of accident to use it as a back up server without waiting 16 hours?

any help welcome ....
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  1. Setup the main system on RAID1, swap out disks if one goes bad. Although that won't help much if both disks go back. Are you storing the server OS, applications and data on the same disk and in the same box? 16 hours to restore an OS and even applications seems a long time, you probably have data on there as well. Setup a separate storage array for the data, I suggest using a NAS or a SAN with a RAID setup as well for redundancy there. So you have server OS and applications on the computer, storage is separate. Server fries, you swap it out, data is intact and you don't have to copy it over again.

    Also, once the server is built and applications, users, etc.. are configured, good idea to clone the drive then to an external hard-drive for backup, that way if both drives in the raid fail, or the thing catches fire or something, you have that image as a backup.
  2. Awesome Thanks!!! I guess my wrong is to have both OS and files at the same HDD. Also I have a external HDD to keep safe my backup so is easy to me to do your suggest. I thing 16 hours is from HDD problem... I will check for bad sectors. Today I restore the backup in a other new pc and time is only 2 hours..... But your solution is that I looking for.... Thanks for your help....
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