[Solved] AMD CCC 12.6 display auto-detection failure

Here's my problem. I have been using a AMD Radeon 2600HD Pro PCIe card for some 5 years now. On a regular bases I have received updated Catalyst from AMD and no problems. The other day I got an update and did what I usually do is let it install. At what point during this installation I can't tell you, but my monitors started to blink and then went black. I rebooted safe mode and tried the normal task and rebooted. Nothing. I tried with drivers, and network and internet. and all I get is "Failed to Load Detection Drivers" My McAfee wont turn on the scan utility. I have looked through the internet about this failure and the first time I can not find an answer to what caused this or a definitive fix. I tried to do a repair with my windows disc and still nothing. BTW I am running Win7 x 64 on a network. (wished I never upgraded from XP) Any Ideas?
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  1. did you try reinstalling the drivers other than that i dont know
  2. That's what I said in my post. I tried to do that in every mode available.

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