Screen tearing with XFX BLACK DD RADEON 7950

I've been getting, what I think is screen tearing, for a while now. It started when I got my new graphics card (name is in title). A long bar runs along the bottom of the screen displacing the textures a little.. This goes for games aswell as videos. Now it only appears when a frame "changes" i.e. when i move a character in a game or if a video is playing. It doesnt occur when the video is still or if i let my character stand still. This seems to be a universal problem for all games and videos.
Here is a screenshot of it, now it's sorta hard to take a picture of because it doesnt show up very well in pictures, but while playing a game or w/e it is very clear.

You can see the tearing around the shadowy smoke next to his feet. Again the pictures is a poor representation of the actual problem, because that tearing is actually a horizontal bar that goes all the way across the screen displacing everything.
Any help would be appreciated... Also I have the newest drivers for my card.
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  1. A direct link... if you can't see it properly in the picture:
  2. i dont really know.. but maybe enable v-sync or higher the settings
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