Galaxy GTX 670 4GB GC?

Hi everyone, does someone has any benchmarks with the Galaxy GTX 670 4GB GC?
Or maybe someone bought the card, and give me a little review in the comments? ;)
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  1. i have an evga 4gb sc

    umm its a good card not the best for overclocking quiet what do you want to know

    its a 9/10 as far as benchamrk bf3 maxed out 1920x1080 65 fps crtsis 3 maxed out 45 fps overclock add an extrta 5 fps to each minesweeper 14 fps that ones hard to run
  2. I have 2 of these exact cards in SLI and they are great. One card by itself will run cold and quiet; for me in SLI I need to run the fans high to stay around 68 on the top card, bottom 52-58, in 5760x1080. In 1080p they run SLI quieter and cooler. Some heat is exhausted inside the case. They are OCd to 1256 in game boost I believe, and +300 memory in afterburner. Will OC more, I just don't need to really. Love the cards.
  3. thanks, :3
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