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I've been using this site to look for answers for about 2 years already, and the community here always had the best answers. I had never registered until now. I come to you because i have a really annoying problem and i need help (obviously) so here is the problem:

About 6 months ago i bought the ASUS K75DE/A75D laptop, it has an A8-4500m (7640g card) and dedicated 7670m 1gb card. I also have 4 GB ram. I planned on gaming with this laptop, and even though i know i won't be able to play a lot of games on settings like high or ultra, i knew it would do the job with low to medium settings with decent fps. (40-60 or something). it was performing like i expected it to (i mostly played Call of Duty 4 and other similar graphic games, and i got like 100 fps maxed pretty much), until i started playing Skyrim. It would have around 20-30 fps in medium settings, which isnt that bad, but i'd expected it to have 30 fps in high/ultra, because i had watched videos of people with similar specs playing it this way (ASUS K53TK, 6520G and 7670m) so thats when i kind of started to, try and tweak it, because i was confused. I installed the latest drivers etc. blabla. But still no luck. About 2 weeks ago i also bought BF3, thinking it would probably have decent enough fps in dual graphics mode on medium to high settings (again, saw some videos.) Oh how wrong i was, it could barely run at 25 fps in low graphics with lowered resolution, this is when i started to play with the "power saving" graphics card (the 7640G) and i got 30 fps in medium! almost all of the time. So i read an article on and they said the dual graphics for this particular combination sucked ass, and was probably as good as just the 7640g, and sometimes even 10-15% LESS than the 7640G. And apparently the drivers are so *** that you can't use the dual graphics option for gaming, nor use JUST the 7670m (checked bios, CCC etc.). I updated to the latest CCC or whatever its called, something like 12.11 or something, but still no change, also reverted back to stock drivers, still no change.

I also already saw some similar topics on teh interwebs, but that was with a 7660G or something, and im afraid those drivers are probably not for me. Can anyone tell me which drivers WILL make my dual graphics run BETTER than just the 7640G D:?

I hope so because it kind of sucks right now.

Thanks in advance :D
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