Nvidia geforce GT630 vs Intel HD 2500.


I'm planning to upgrade my computer graphics with a new Nvidia geforce GT 630 GDDR5 card(Im on <100$ budget) My system is currently using It's onboard graphics (Intel HD 2500). Will i see much improvement after fitting in the new card ?(gaming vice as Im planing to do some lite gaming)

My specs are : intel core i3 3rd generation cpu,4gb DDR3 RAM.Intel DH61WW motherboard.
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  1. if it was me, i will wait, save some more and get at least a 7770. anything lower is bad , in my opinion
  2. Sorry for not answering your question, as i don't know how a GT 630 compares to Intel HD 2500. However, for 100$, i would say your best bet is a Radeon HD 7750. It's certainly better than any of those.
  3. Hmmm thanx guys problem is it is quite difficult to find ati cards here in Sri Lanka and buying somthing online is not a good option too since shipping costs as much as the card itself :(
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