Problems with Clevo/Sager/ProStar/Alienware

I have been a ProStar fan for a while. I bought a Sager 5620 2GHz and it has been ok but it did need to get sent back once. Bill got a 2.8GHz Prostar and he has needed to send his back as well.

I've seen many older Clevo based laptops and had been impressed with their 100% reliability record. We are zero for two on the new ones. Anyway the new ones aren't bad and both are currently working but they have both needed to be sent back. Anyone else having trouble??

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  1. i have been looking into a new laptop for a long time now. i have a toshiba p25-s607 with 2gb ram Pentium 4 desktop chip and it has been all around the world. i think at this point, most laptops are built by a couple of companies and then farmed out. my most important thing i am looking for now is how the service stacks up against each other. laptops are pretty much the same hardware wise and "if" something should go wrong, it is the company i dealt with and if they come up to bat and fix the problem. i am looking at the clevo based maliba satori series which packs a lot of punch for the buck. also looking at the new asus g73jh powerhouse but am a little worried that is the first of the first.
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