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Can i add an old gpu into my current motherboard along with my new on

hello, i just got a radeon 7870, i also bought a dvi to vga converter for my second monitor. i plugged the converter to the right dvi plug and i am getting video but whenever there are any type of fast motions on the screen it starts to distort or the object literally disappears until it stops moving, for example i keep losing my pointer on that screen because it doesn't show up on the screen while i move the pointer fast trying to look for it. plus i keep my mouse on a very high sensitivity. now my question is can i add my spare r6450 to the second pci express x16 slot on my asrock extreme4 motherboard so i can have a regular vga output. my motherboard has the virtu lucid graphics thing (im not sure exactly what that means) but im pretty sure i can not use both of those, as in the bios my settings for the main vga adapter to either pci express or internal graphics. but if i add another card would this work? would i need special drivers? would i need Catalyst control center for both cards? would this confuse games? and most important of all, is it possible?

also if this is possible and i decided to game on my vga monitor, would the game drop down to the performance of the 6450 (im assuming yes)


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  1. Hello... I would first recomend getting a NON VGA monitor first... a DVI/HDMI connection is a DIGITAL signal... and digital is how your computer/video card/programs use and process information... using VGA is an ANALOG signal, and thus must be converted from digital to analog before being displayed, performance loss and poor visual quality will always be an result... 1920x1080 DVI Monitor can be found around $120 US.

    You will have no problems after that with Dual monitor settings, using your single 7870.
  2. yes i understand that i should be using a dvi monitor but i just spent about 1k on my build, i am broke. another thing is that on my 6450 the vga monitor displayed beautifully even though it was ANALOG, also you did not answer my question
  3. What is the scan rate on your VGA monitor? Does windows detect it (list the correct model number) or is it labeled generic VGA monitor?
    You’re basically attempting to crossfire two unlike GPU's. You need to go to the AMD site and see if they are compatible for that. High mouse sensitivity can cause the mouse to do that as well.

    Try hooking the monitors to your Motherboards outputs and changing bios to integrated graphics and see if the problem is still there. If not then it’s a GPU driver issue .
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    Hello... can you plug your OLD card back in, and determine what setting you were running on the Analog Monitor for the "Beautiful Display"? and too determine if your New Video driver will perform as before?

    I remember having to change display frequency's anywhere from around 50-70 Hz, to get a "Beautiful Display" with different models, and drivers, of Video cards... Becareful thou, ANalog monitors are prone to failure with too high of a input frequency.

    Also try Older, Different driver versions, for better ANalog performance... like the one that worked before... you should be able to run different drivers with each card, should you find better ANalog performance.

    You can run Multi-Cards in most any computer, that has a place to plug it in... But each program and your compatability, Can, and will be, an exciting adventure to take.
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  6. thanks ironsounds, on my last graphics card the radeon 6450 it detected it as 75 hz and it was completely fine, same for intel hd graphics before i got my radeon 7870, but as soon as i dropped it to 60 hz voila, good as new, its also a much sharper image then before. but one other thing i noticed, when i go back to 75 hz the problem doesnt reappear, i just had to set it back once and it stays all good
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