Can you add a graphics card to a MB with integrated graphics

Have an ASUS Motherboard model M4A785TD-v-EDO which has on board graphics using the radion 4200 hardware which supports 2 monitors. I tried to add a sapphire 5400 pci-e card to the systems for a third monitor. I actually would like to connect to the HD-TV using the HDMI.

It seems that the graphics system can use the on board or the added card, but not both. Is there any way this can be done?? Not many articles cover this and have found no definitive answer. The MB does find the hardware, I think the problem is running two different drives. Any help would be appreciated thanks
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  1. In many cases, the installation of a discrete graphics card will disable the on-board graphics. There may be an option is your system BIOS that will allow you to use both discrete and on-board graphics at the same time, but if it's possible, using your HD5400 graphics card, just connect all three monitors to it.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Yes you can. But as Wolfshadw said once you install a graphics card the integrated graphics get disables in the BIOS. If you had an Intel CPU and motherboard which supports Lucid Logix MVP then you could take advantage of both the iGPU and the discrete graphics card...
  3. yes in the bios I can select the order of the graphics card that will get used first. Any recommendations on a card that will support 2 monitors and also have an hdmi connector for third monitor? not a gamer.
  4. I'd ask, specifically, which Sapphire HD5450 did you get? I thought all HD5xxx series cards could run Eyefinity, but I could be wrong there. Depending on your motherboard and your monitor/HDTV display resolutions, it could be easier to simply add another HD Radeon card to your system.

    -Wolf sends
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