EVGA Policy (for GTX 670 4gb)

Hello, I bought a GTX 670 SC 4gb with the backplate because i thought 4GB could be "future proof", but then i realised the resolution i was playing on and then i felt cheated. the Fan is like a rocket ship and the card is soo noisy, i payed more than a FTW price (2gb which i am ok with), and i would like to see if i could somehow give it back for a superior FTW signature 2 which costs less. I bought the card and decided to stick with it for a month (literally, i bought it exactly on january 1st) and i am not pleased. Does anyone know if EVGA would let me trade for the sig 2 , or even return it and get a card from a different subvendor.
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  1. I don't think that's gonna happen. Since there is no problem with the graphics card. Your best option is to sell it for a slightly less amount at which you bought it.
  2. Thanks!, could you reccomend a place to sell it, and how much less should i sell it for, it is exavtly one month and 2 days old
  3. I don't know much about this stuff but I've bought some Used items from eBay, maybe you should try there.
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